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Gulf Star Hotel, Al Maktoum Hospital Backside, Deira, Dubai


A variety of muscle release techniques are used to release and relax chronic tension. We highly recommend it for bodies with extremely tense, knotted and painful muscle points.


Unleashing the dormant energy in the base of the spine, known as Kundalini, this massage Uses a combination of chakra – healing techniques and sound healing to realign the Body’s balance.


This traditional Japanese technique uses a Vital Energy Oil or a Kundalini Oil Blend to relieve depression, anxiety, nausea, muscle stiffness or headaches.


An ideal way to unwind from a week of corporate tensions, this massage focuses on the most vulnerable areas susceptible to stress and tension – the neck, shoulder and head.

About Us

Health Land Spa is a 21st century approach to wellness. Our goal is to make effective and healthy lifestyle solutions available to all. Through our organic & Ayurvedic therapeutic massages and facials we offer healing philosophies that encompass all aspects of your life leaving you instantly rejuvenated and refreshed. We use ingredients that are 100% organic – natural plants and minerals that have the power to benefit both emotional and spiritual wellbeing. For those who really want to find a sense of tranquility with luxurious experiences, start your journey with Health Club today!

Health Land has as its mission, to provide healing and relaxation to its customers through Oriental Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage, which promote optimal physical and mental performance and improve their overall state of wellness. We do this by compassionately providing peaceful and healing places that are unique in character and by hiring only qualified, highly professional and courteous therapists, while making our owners, employees, landlords and suppliers proud to be associated with us.

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